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Sunrise Recruitment staffing agency is a dynamic, professional and personable recruiter that offer both clients & candidates a dedicated and genuine quality service that is reliable, professional, fast, flexible, capable and compliant. Our team is friendly, welcoming, innovative, transparent and supportive to both clients and candidates.

We are one stop shop for your recruitment needs covering permanent, temporary staffing assignments for your company nationally in a range of sectors in which we have proven exceptionally and successfully with knowledge and experience in both public and private sectors.

If you need healthcare staff provided in a timely and cost-effective manner then, Sunrise Recruitment is ideal for you. Our experienced and professional reputation of the company combined with skills and network of associates leads to results which exceed the expectations of clients and candidates as most of our candidates have gained their relevant experiences in UK and all candidates are pre-screened and pre-interviewed by ourselves to make sure they all have right to work and DBS checked and placed on the right job. We also provide internal training updates for all our candidates to ensure no gap remains in their qualifications.

Having a thoroughly understanding of our market places, we guarantee to provide our clients with the most competitive rates and fees available and to offer our candidates guidance and exceptional pay package as our recruitment fees comply with European law and we do not charge candidates for recruitment services.

Please, hurry up and book today and see positive results for yourself. We are here for you.

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